Is It Easier to Sell a Staged Home, or An Un-Staged Home? Here’s Why You Should Consider Redecorating

You’ve probably heard staging a million times if you’re buying or selling a house right now. Although its repetitive, staging is very important to both the seller and the buyer. It can make or break a sale. Staging is a word used to describe the ways in which homeowners or their real estate agents prepare a property […]

There Are Times You Should Not Take Certain Advice: Things Your Agent Might Say, That You Have Our Approval To Ignore

Don’t bid too low. This is a trap. Sellers expect to receive lowball offers. Don’t be afraid to start with a low number, and negotiate from there. Again, this is why it is so important to know the market yourself if you can, so that you don’t have to look to your agent for these things. Put […]

Going With the Lowest APR For Your New Mortgage Might Not Be The Wisest Choice. Read On To Find Out Why

Why You Shouldn’t Always Go With the Lowest APR Rate The first thing a buyer does when looking at a house, is shop lenders to get the best mortgage deals. The problem is that the lender presents borrowers with a lot of loan options, and borrowers think the best and most obvious thing to do is […]

House Not Selling? Here Are Some Pointers Of How to Give Your Home The Push It Might Need On The Market

What to Do When Your House Isn’t Selling It may be that right now isn’t the time to sell; especially if you’re in a buyers market. Perhaps you should take your home off the market and wait for inventory to drop. When there are fewer homes for a buyer. Selling specially tough because buyers expect […]

Did Your Home Get The Dreaded Low-Appraisal? Here’s What You Can Do To Fight It

How to Avoid a Low Real Estate Appraisal No one wants to get hit with a low appraisal when trying to sell their home. Keep in mind that an appraiser is not trying to offend you, they are simply calculating how much your home is worth according to a universal checklist that they’re forced to […]